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We spend our lives planning for holidays, our retirement, and our career, but there’s one thing that no one wants to think about but will happen to us all one day – Death.

A staggering 12 million UK Households don’t have enough savings to pay for a funeral and only 6% of UK Adults have a pre-paid funeral plan, more people are turning to credit cards or loans to pay for their loved ones funerals.

The average cost of dying in 2020 has hit yet another record high, coming in at £9,493, it’s the highest it’s ever been and has increased £289 since 2018.

But these huge costs and stress on families can be avoided.

A Funeral Plan can be setup in a few minutes with payments from as little as 81p per day**. A simple plan allows you to setup your funeral or cremation ahead of time and make sure your loved ones aren’t left with the debt.

There’s no intrusive medical questions and they’re guaranteed acceptance, all you need to do is decide which plan to go for.

To start looking at your options, simply follow these steps and get your free quote.

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